Selecta is an authorized distributor of the plant protection product SILGAS B (Reg. Min. Ps. N. ° 7856 / PF of 06/27/1989) and related equipment for its application.

SILGAS B is a versatile fumigant solid (pellets 0.6 g) based on aluminum phosphide, from which originates the gas PH3 (phosphine) for pest treatment on cereals and foodstuffs.

The method of fumigation with phosphine has been recognized as the most effective in controlling the threat of pests, to preserve thousands of tons of cereals for human consumption and animal.

SILGAS B can be used on virtually all food grains, ground products, such as processed foods and other agricultural products such as tobacco, oil seeds, dried fruit, etc. no harmful effects and safety, even on the residues after treatment.

It ensures a complete knock-down effect: it is effective against all pests of grain, at all stages of development from egg to adult

SILGAS B can be purchased and used only by authorized companies, which have to employ high qualified staff.