SELECTA focuses its bid for the contract manufacturing to national and multinational companies.

SELECTA provides complete solutions for products aimed also at the major supermarket chains and retail chains.

In fact, the experience gained in the fields of public health, SELECTA develops solutions targeting the needs of corporate clients, offering a “full service” and taking into account the fundamental aspects of the supply chain.

With its production facilities, SELECTA provides know-how and production capacity. Moreover, thanks to distribution partners operating in different international markets with their own brands, it can claim the best products for pest control by adapting to their needs and package chemicals according to specific expectations.

SELECTA has successfully worked in this important activity for several years: all this has allowed us to gain expertise in understanding the needs of the international market, creating and supplying products and services that meet every customer

Competence, reliability and readiness for dialogue are the guarantees that SELECTA offers.