SELECTA in 2012 inaugurated production facilities in Corsico (Milan), authorized by the Ministry of Health for the production of medical and surgical devices.

SELECTA is able to formulate insecticides and ecological products for pest control in the formats for the consumer and professional markets.

Every year, in over 1.000 square meters of plant of production are produced more than 40 references, packaged in more than 10 different packaging formats, for a total of over 700.000 pieces/year.

SELECTA is responsible for the formulation, packaging and assembly of insecticides liquids and solids.

SELECTA is able to respond to requests for innovation and customization of the market, a result made possible thanks to skilled and adaptable systems that allow us to offer production runs high scalability and great flexibility in changing volumes and processing times.

  • The contribution provided to customers is achieved through:
  • The highest levels of service and product quality
  • An innovative contribution in the design of the product
  • A profile of highly competitive cost
  • The speed and flexibility in the execution of new projects
  • The quality is the basis of the work of SELECTA, with more than 700 research reports and thousands of testing of production every year.

It has played a constant monitoring of the quality of the entire production process, from the arrival of raw materials, through the pre and post-production of industrial processes, in order to ensure high quality standards.

In SELECTA, the protection and respect of the environment are of prime importance. Each stage of production is covered by a company policy that affects not only the strict compliance with all relevant national and EU environmental, but also the awareness of employees, suppliers and customers to identify and implement all possible improvements technology aimed at optimizing fuel consumption and reduce impacts on the environment.

Selecta carries out its activities also account-thirds, to other important international.

SELECTA aims to be the best partner for the production of products for the market, “consumer” and for retail chains of household products (hobby products with destination “Home & Garden”) and personal care with private label.

Selecta is also authorized distributor of plant protection products for the fumigation industry.